SENTYR Joint Staff Training has finished successfully


SENTYR Joint Staff Training has finished successfully

Part of SENTYR project was the Joint Staff Training which took place in Sofia (Bulgaria) on 18-22 of June. There were 12 youth workers from 5 countries and we got together to learn about our Evaluation and Training methodologies in details.

The first day was dedicated to the Evaluation methodology, which is emphasized on identifying kids at risk.

On the second day we decided to present our outcomes to another people who did not get the chance to take part in the training. All the participants took a trip to the youth center for kids at risk in city of Vratsa and also in Regional center for support the process of inclusive education- Vratsa.
During this visit we presented the two methodologies to local community representatives – local authority representatives, teachers, youth workers, roma mediators and others. More about the presentation in city of Vratsa you can read here.

The next days were devoted to the Training methodology. The methodology is a combination of experiential learning and theoretical knowledge about the self-awareness and entrepreneurship processes. All the participants practiced some of the exercises. Constellations, Composition-work, Narrative approach – all these exercises would be a great help for youth workers and for their future work with kids at risk.

In the end of our Joint Staff Training all youth workers completed successfully the training of SENTYR project and we sincerely congratulate them.
Now they are ready to put into practice and spread the useful exercises and tools, they have learnt during these lovely 5 days in Sofia, with other youth workers, social workers and specialists, working with kids at risk in their local communities and countries.

You can have a peek in the Joint Staff Traning. We prepared a short video and we would love to share it with everybody. You can find also a video from our trip to city of Vratsa and the presentation there.



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