What is SENTYR?

What is SENTYR?


Young people of today in all European countries (2015 EU Youth Report) face growing challenges related to their active and full involvement in the labor and civic life of their communities. Most severely this is observed among persons in a disadvantaged position (social, economic, health, cultural). The risks of youth radicalization and exclusion in light of growing social injustice are evident and further exacerbated by incidents of aggression and terrorism across Europe. Youth work becomes an important instrument for reaching out to young persons, who left traditional forms of education and are endangered by complete social isolation.

In this context, and for the reinforcement of EU initiatives in the entrepreneurship area (“Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs”) or the  EU2020 Strategy related to “Opening up education through new technologies”, SENTYR project will  focus on the development of quality training materials related to delivering entrepreneurship and self-awareness training to youth groups in risk.

Our partnership combines the efforts of 6 organisations from 5 countries, representing distinct regions in Europe (Mediterranean, Central, North and South Eastern Europe) to develop evaluation methodology and training methodology for youth workers that will enable them to identify adequately the training needs of young people and provide entrepreneurship and self-awareness training to diverse youth groups in risk.


We will work on reaching our aim through implementing several specific objectives:

– to design, develop and pilot an evaluation methodology for assessing young people’s concrete and specific training needs;

– to design, develop and pilot a training methodology for young people based on entrepreneurship and self-awareness skills;

– to train 14 youth workers/ multipliers from partner countries (BG, NL, SI, ES, TR) to deliver SENTYR training;

– conduct ongoing dissemination campaign of project activities and results, including 1 international multiplier event.

The 2 target groups and their needs have been identified, as follows:

  1. Youth workers, providing entrepreneurship training, need new learning content and innovative delivery methods to ensure quality and sustainability of the learning provided;
  2. Young people at risk of social exclusion (16-18) need a set of self-awareness and assertive skills, entrepreneurial mindset and increased motivation to cope with the complexity of today’s social and economic life.

SENTYR Evaluation Methodology

The SENTYR Evaluation methodology presents the methods and instruments to identify, assess and evaluate the training needs of young people at risk of social exclusion. The evaluation methodology contributes to the selection of the proper training tools to be applied and selected from the Training methodology.

The Evaluation methodology answers the following questions:

  1. Why do I need to evaluate? – It gives the background/the basis for the evaluation.
  2. When should I evaluate? – It explains the timing of the training evaluation. When is the most appropriate time for evaluating in order to have the maximum impact?
  3. What can I do with the evaluation? – It gives concrete steps on the evaluation process and will direct to the concrete training to be applied in different situations.
  4. What methods can I use? – It points out concrete evaluation methods to be applied in a different situation and with youth groups at risk of social exclusion.

Here you can download the evaluation methodology in the partner languages:

EN – Evaluation Methodology
BG – Evaluation Methodology
ES – Evaluation Methodology
NL – Evaluation Methodology
SLO – Evaluation Methodology
TR – Evaluation Methodology

SENTYR Training Methodology

The SENTYR Training methodology is designed for youth workers, who would like to expand and upskill their training portfolio in the field of self-awareness and entrepreneurship education methods. Through the methodology they will get access to an essential state-of-the-art knowledge base, enabling them to structure their self-awareness and entrepreneurship training with youth at risk. The methodology is based on the two world known methods stone composition work, dialogical self-theory and business constellations.

The training methodology is a combination of experiential learning and theoretical knowledge about the self-awareness and entrepreneurship processes. The methodology enables effective facilitation, participatory and experiential learning and thus will lead to sustainable knowledge and skills gain of and for the intended participants.

Here you can download the training methodology in partner language:
EN – Training Methodology
BG – Training Methodology
ES – Training Methodology
NL – Training Methodology
SLO – Training Methodology
TR – Training Methodology