Focus Groups about Evaluation Methodology


Focus Groups about Evaluation Methodology

In the beginning of May this year each partner of the project put through two rounds of focus group on our first intellectual product – the Evaluation methodology. Our aim was to find if this methodology is practical as a further base for the training methodology.

As all the participants were different, there were different opinions and suggestions. But after that event we gathered some important information, which we will use to improve our final output.

Part of the valuable answers were that the methodology is helpful because is adapted for people of various backgrounds. It uses a holistic approach which is very efficient and beneficial for young people who are on the verge of entering adult life. It is also more suited to integrating the needs of the individual and the society as a whole and is thus beneficial to all.


Of course there were pointed some structural issues, which we will fix. Some of them were that the evaluation methodology is too long, the length discourages the user to a full and comprehensive read or understanding, the methodology is a professional output yet the wording is to professional for this objective. In addition, clear steps on how to approach, how to ask, what to asks, what to look for, should be presented more clear.

We are happy that we completed the two rounds of focus groups and we managed to gather these important opinions, points of views, issues, etc. Until the upcoming meeting in Celje (Slovenia) we will edit the evaluation methodology and will complete the final draft.

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