Dissemination activities in Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Dissemination activities in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Foundation “Future for All of Us”, who is one of the partners in the SENTYR Project, has done a dissemination activity in Romania.

The team was in the city of Cluj-Napoca, RO due to an internship, but even there they got the chance to show to some young people, enthusiastic like them, that the outputs of the project can be useful and helpful to anybody.

They have met with people who work with kids every day. Until then, the participant of the dissemination activity – Roland, did not consider he can help kids at risk with his job.

Once the Bulgarian partners explained about the Evaluation and Training Methodologies, and with couple exercises they were convinced that all of the SENTYR partners aim to help youth workers and youth at risk, and were excited to carry on these amazing knowledge.

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